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The  Young Artists Program developed to strengthen creative skills, build self-esteem and stimulate imagination in children through the arts.  


We provide kids with the opportunity to explore the arts hands-on through drawing; watercolor, acrylic & oil painting; sculpture; cartooning & art exhibitions in our school. Students receive extensive instruction, including color-mixing, painting techniques, and the proper use and care of materials. Each painting project is designed to present new drawing challenges. Every effort is made to offer the broadest range of technical experience, specific to each student's abilities and interests.  

For students with little or no experience in drawing, we offer Beginners program to introduce them to basic problems of expressing volume, space, and light; emphasis on use of line, proportion, and tone. 

Ultimately students of all ages develop the ability to draw and paint any subject realistically. Students learn to create still-lifes, landscapes, seascapes, the figure, portraiture, animals, and much more. Besides learning technical and artistic skills, students gain patience, focus, pride and confidence in their work.   



Classes Offered:


Ages 3-5. ( Drop-off, no parent or caregiver required) Kids create their own masterpieces using a wide range of high quality art materials. Children develop important school readiness skills such as fine motor skills, ability to listen and follow directions, cognitive skills, language and more in an enchanting environment that develops individual creativity.  


Ages 6-9. Students develop new skills and talents while designing unique creations using a variety of art techniques. Each lesson focuses upon developing new skills and expanding knowledge. The methods and styles of contemporary and master artists specializing in paint, sculpture, design and more are incorporated into each class. 


Ages 9-12. Students learn about painting on canvas paper, canvas board and stretched canvas using acrylics. Students will be inspired as they learn the techniques, style and vocabulary of such artists as Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Mondrian, Laurel Burch, Jackson Pollock, Modigliani, Warhol, Sam Francis and Frank Stella. 


Teens & Adults. (Duration: 90min) The Teens & Adults class is intended for students at beginning and intermediate levels of drawing skill and confidence. Students are taught how to use the elements of art to create realistic drawings. As they become familiar with basic drawing skills, new mediums are introduced and students begin to experiment with the techniques and visual effects that each medium allows. For the more confident artist, we offer an opportunity to develop independent projects under the supportive, alert professional eye of the instructor. For those who prefer more structure, a lesson is always set up for the class. This class focuses on finished pieces in nature studies, still-life, one and two point perspective, and drawing from life.  


Private/Semi-Private Lessons - our instructors focus on challenging an artist's existing skills and taking them to a more advanced level, while introducing them to new techniques, materials and styles in fine art. We customize a curriculum or area of focus where our art students will build confidence, see results and have a fun experience too!


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